Welcome to Andy Weir Photography

I am an amateur photographer from North West England and my photographic interests include Nature, Landscape, Portrait photography and more recently Ride & Skid It Event Photography.

In the galleries you will find a selection of photographs of birds, other wildlife, landscapes and some photographs from portrait sessions that I’ve had the pleasure of taking. As my photography has progressed over the years, the images illustrate a sometimes frustrating journey from the early days with a basic digital camera, to using an entry level DSLR, and finally a semi pro DSLR. I look back at some of my early photos that once upon a time I thought were good with some disbelief! But it's interesting to review, and see how things have evolved; and I happily include some of my early efforts in my portfolios.

To find photographs of something specific use the Search facility as Keywords/Tags are used, so for example, if Woolston is entered into the search field the system will display all the photographs tagged with Woolston.

If you have any comments about my website, you are more than welcome to contact me using the Contact Page. Any feedback good or bad will be appreciated.

The website is updated frequently, so please visit regularly to view the Latest Photographs and other changes to the site.

Finally I would like to thank my wife who has encouraged me to show my work and of course everyone that visits the website and a big thank you to those who have signed the guestbook. Receiving some feedback does make all the hard work and frustration involved with nature photography in particular more worthwhile.